An organization called WAHL, which stands for Wellness Advocates for Healthy Lifestyles, at Northwest asked AdInk for help with promoting the brand new club to potential members on campus. They were also looking for ideas for events and how to better use social media. AdInk began this process by first thinking about how the new club should brand themselves as an organization. AdInk provided a collection of logos for them to choose from to best represent their organization and ideals. AdInk then went on to give suggestions on who to promote to on campus and how to best do it. Finally, AdInk suggested to WAHL to hold two big events for each semester, as well as smaller events every month. Each month’s events would promote some aspect of healthy lifestyles.

WAHL team
The team: (back row, from left) Matt Meier, Jakob Kircher, Carlton Wilcoxson, Zach Karl; (front from left) Bryce Arrington, Rachel Kortkamp

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