AAF-KC Scholarship

Do this. It really can change your life.

What is it? It’s the AAF-KC annual scholarship. Every year, the AAF awards several scholarships to top students from a number of different schools. You get $750 per semester, for I think 2 semesters; a free student AAF membership; and more. But — most important — you are awarded a mentor… a working advertising professional who will take you under his/her wings and show you the way of the advertising world. This is invaluable.

You get:

  • Financial assistance of $750 per semester
  • The support and counsel of a mentor from the membership of the AAF-KC
  • One-year membership in the American Advertising Federation of Kansas City and AAF National
  • Invitations to attend all regular program activities of AAF-KC at no cost while in school (excludes annual ADDY Awards show)
  • All event and other mailings from AAF-KC


  •  Must be a junior in the fall of 2016. (Seniors in fall 2016 that are graduating in December 2016 are also eligible.)
  • Must be enrolled at an eligible university (NWMSU is eligible)
  • Must major in something related to advertising, such as: advertising, IDM, marketing, broadcasting, public relations, mass media, communication, graphic design, art, journalism, etc.
  • There is no minimum GPA requirement, but you’ll probably be asked your GPA in the application process.

Every year for the past 15 years a Northwest student has received either a scholarship or a mentor.

All applications must be complete by 11:59 PM on Friday, February 28, 2019.

See this site to begin the application process –– it takes 30 to 60 minutes, but you can stop and start often, so… start now!

Northwest Hall of Fame

2019/20 You!!


2000/01 Amanda Scott
2001/02 No NW recipients.
2002/03 Jacklyn Mauck
2003/04 Stacy Neibling Fisher, Angela (Bramlage) Snyder (honorary scholarships)
2004/05 Josh Collins
2005/06 Kristi (Creason) Sheridan 
2006/07 Winner: Hannah Bower;       Finalists — Hannah Bower & Maggie Zabokrtsky
2007/08 Winner: Mallory (Parker) Montgomery (IDM); Hannah Bower’s scholarship was renewed
2008/09 Kyle Andrew; Keaton Guess
2009/10 Sean Callahan, Kevin Frojd, Katie Pirece — all “finalists” — they receive mentors
2010/11 No NW recipients.
2011/12 Wendy Whelen
2012/13 Haley Lewin received a mentorship
2013/14 Kelsey Schriver, Adam McNairy
2014/15 No NW recipients.
2015/16  Kellen Burgess, Jake Mlnarik
2016/17 No NW recipients.
2017/18  Madison Oberling, Emily Elder, Anne Polland     (See announcement.)
2018/19 No NW recipients.
2019/20  Kia Jones, Allison Binder  (See announcement.)
2020/21 Gavyn Schott, Mason Arnold, Allison Binder

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