• AdInk is the advertising club at Northwest Missouri State University, in Maryville, Missouri.
  • Our purpose is to help students interested in advertising learn about advertising.
  • We organize two big events each year: In the fall, we organize a bus to take students to the AAF-KC’s annual student Career Day; in the Spring, we organize our own agency tour, called Off Broadway (because many of the agencies are on or off downtown KC’s main road, Broadway!)
  • In addition to these two big events, we also organize guest speakers, and other events as they sprout, like the Fall 2012 Mad Ad Match-Up!
  • Our mission is to make the vast consumer communication field accessible for students. We provide networking opportunities to students, encourage increased exposure to the advertising process, and offer educational events that expand the student perception of how to communicate to consumers.
  • We explore consumer communication by opening the door for students to access the professional world.
  • There are no membership fees: AdInk is organized by a small group of volunteers who manage our events and speakers. Event expenses are covered by the event fees associated with our bigger trips; most activities are free. Extra activity expenses in the past have been covered by a donation from Nicholson Kovac — which closed its doors in the summer of 2011. Their generous donations continues to help us spread or philosophy: help students who are interested in advertising learn about advertising.
  • FacebookOrange40The best way to contact AdInk and to keep track of AdInk activities is to join the AdInk Facebook group.