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Save time in your Spring semester to come to AdInk meetings —
Thursdays, 4-5 p.m., Zoom.

We made it, AdCats!

We made it through the Fall 2020 semester! Whoosh — that was something, huh?

AdCats met in person on Sept. 10, and then we met in “mini-groups” after that, with an All-AdInk Zoom every 3 weeks.

We met Ivory Lacina and Jake Mlnarik, two creatives in Kansas City. We met Andrew Benson, a Bearcat who works at the Nature Conservancy in Connecticut. And we met Dan Scheuler who works at Amazon in Seattle, and Keaton Guess, who works at Microsoft in New York.

Wow —  pretty impressive Bearcats out there, all wanting to meet each of you and help you through Covid. Now, that’s a CIRCLE OF AWESOMENESS!!


Join a Mini-Group!

AdInk Mini-Groups AdInk Mini-Groups AdInk Mini-GroupsOn Thursday, Sept. 10, AdInk met at the Pavilion and broke into mini-groups. If you’re not in a group, contact Deb or Jacquie!

Mini-groups meet on Zoom or in person and connect with a professional mentor. Every 3 weeks, the mini-groups change, so you can be in 3 different groups.

The third week of each 3-week session will be an all-AdInk Zoom meeting with a guest speaker.

More mini-group details here!


Three AdCats win the AAF Scholarship and/or an AAF mentor! Wooo Hoo!!

See all the AdCats who’ve received this scholarship.

Off Broadway 2020 — Oh Yeah!!

Off Broadway 2020AdInk’s 19th annual agency tour included VMLY&R, Signal Theory, Trozzolo, Voltage and the Kansas City Power & Light District.

You can see many the photos here at — Or, you can also see them at this Facebook group album or this Facebook page album.

Angela Bode
Angela Bode — Senior Art Director, Rogers Townsend, St. Louis

Thank you, Angela Bode, Senior Art Director in St. Louis.

See Angela’s international Cannes Lion award work here.

Sign up for the AAF-KC Scholarship.

Really. Do it. You’ll get $750, but you’ll also get a mentor that will help you become the professional you want to become.

See all the AdCats who’ve received this scholarship.

Meet Joe Cox at AdInk's Jan. 30 meeting!Thank  you Joe Cox!

We got a lot of life and career tips from Bearcat Joe when he spoke with us Thursday, Jan. 30. Thank you for being you, Joe!

NWMSU's AdCats at 2019 Spark KCAdCats Networked Big at Spark KC!
See photos here.

Didn’t make it? Well… you’ll have a chance again in a year! 🙂

AdInk's Hobnob with Bobby BearcatAdInk's Hobnob Networking EventCheck out the photos from AdInk’s “Laid-Back and Schmoozy Hobnob Networking at the Pavilion” event!

Join AdInk’s FB group to see all the pix!

AdInkHiResJoin us Thursdays from 4-5 in Meeting Room A or B in the Union.


We don’t have any dues or fees, just lots of networking and fun — all related to these majors:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • IDM
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Business Management
  • Broadcasting
  • And any others — everyone’s welcome!

2016-17 Academic Year Winners for Outstanding Student Organization at NWMSU.

Congratulations to all #AdCats — You have been named Outstanding Student Organization by NWMSU! 

If you went to any AdInk event this year, you helped make this happen — you’re part of a strong and impressive group of students — the best on campus!


If you’re looking for an internship, on or off campus… If you need help making an online portfolio…  Check out this site, it’s made just for YOU!