Plug Yourself In To AdInk ——

The best way to plug in to AdInk and to keep track of AdInk activities is to join theFacebookOrange40 AdInk Facebook group.

Upcoming Events:

AdInk 2016 Opening MeetingGrand Opening Meeting!

  • Thursday, Sept. 8
  • 4:00 Meeting Room A, Union
  • Everyone’s welcome!

We don’t have any dues or fees, just lots of networking and fun — all related to these majors:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • IDM
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Business Management
  • Broadcasting
  • And any others — everyone’s welcome!

Be sure to be part of AdInk’s Facebook group so you know what’s happening all semester long! 

If you're already a part of AdInk -- join us the first Thursday of the semester, Sept. 1, at 4:00 in Meeting Room A. We need your help planning for the big "Grand Opening" meeting on Sept. 8!

Jones & TigheCongratulations to AdInk’s 2016-17 Leaders: Sydney Jones & Lilly Tighe!






PowerUpNext chance to get a professional portrait via AdInk’s portrait service: Fall 2016 Mock Interview Day in the Union





Off Broadway Tour


Screenshot 2015-09-24 20.40.58See the 2015 Spark KC photos here! 


Off Broadway was a blast!

See pictures here.


Check Out These Cool AdInk Events:

AAF-KC Scholarship
 Click Here For Details!

Congratulations to the 2014-15 recipients from Northwest:  Kelsey Schriver and Adam McNairy

If you want to work in advertising (or marketing, graphic design, public relations, social media…), then you’ll need to stay plugged into the AAF-KC  — that is, the American Advertising Federation, Kansas City chapter. AdInk will help you do that. For starters, we’ll take a bus to AAF’s Career Day/”Spark KC” in the fall. For now, why not follow them on Twitter: @aafkc.

If you don't know about this NW jobs site... where have you been??!!
If you’re looking for an internship, on or off campus…  If you need help making an online portfolio…  You should check out this site, it’s made just for YOU!

And, follow Jacquie Lamer on Twitter (or just check out her tweets) — she only posts jobs / internships / networking opportunities.