Sign-Up Meeting and Sign-Up Forms

There is a lottery system for seats for Off Broadway. You have to attend the sign-up meeting, fill out the forms below (they’re provided at the meeting), and bring your $30 payment (cash or check made out to AdInk). You must have your money at this meeting — we do not hold seats without payment.

At the meeting, we put your forms and payment into a blank envelope. Then we randomly pick one envelope at a time to fill each seat. The first envelope picked will get their first group preferences. This continues until each group is full and until the tour is full.

If you cannot make it to the signup meeting, you have to print your own sign-up form and travel waiver — the documents below. For each document, click the “SlideShare” logo in the bottom right of each module below; you’ll be taken to the host page where you can click “Download” to download the documents.

    • Print out each form and fill out all of your information.
    • Give your form and payment to a friend who will attend the meeting — don’t forget to include your payment! (We do not save seats and cannot provide you a seat unless you pay.)
    • Or, bring your forms and payment in an envelope to Jacquie Lamer, 234 Wells Hall, BEFORE 3:30 Thursday, Feb. 6, or your entry will not make it into the lottery.