Getting There

AdInk will get you there!
AdInk, NWMSU’s ad club, is organizing a bus to Spark KC  because we want as many students as possible to go!

Seats on the bus are $30 [this does not include your registration to the event, this is only for a bus seat].

If you did not attend the signup meeting but want a seat on the bus, please download the travel waiver and sign it.  Then you must schedule a meeting with Jacquie Lamer, and you must bring the signed travel waiver and your payment with you to the meeting. You can bring $30 cash, or $30 check (made out to AdInk) or you can pay $32 and charge to your credit card during the meeting.
If you cannot schedule a meeting with Jacquie, follow these steps:
  1. Download the travel waiver and sign it.
  2. Then, put the signed travel waiver in an envelop and add your payment of $30 cash or $30 check (made out to AdInk). (You cannot charge the bus to your credit card unless you meet in person with Jacquie.)
  3. Put your name AND YOUR  S NUMBER on the front of the envelope.
  4. Deliver the envelope to Jacquie by putting it on her desk in 234 Wells Hall; or by putting it in her mail box in Wells Hall (you’ll have to ask around to find it); or deliver it to the Mass Media office manager, Marla McCrary in 237 Wells Hall.
WE DO NOT HOLD SEATS — you cannot secure a seat on the bus without payment.



On event day, the bus will leave from behind Wells Hall at 6:45 a.m. SHARP (arrive by 6:35 a.m.) and will return by roughly 6:30 p.m. [Note: this is an approximate return time based on traffic.]

Be sure that you register for the event  — getting there and registering are two different things!



Where:  Unity Temple on the Plaza – map

  • If you drive yourself, be sure to add about 15 minutes to your travel time to allow for finding a parking space and walking to the event.
  • If you drive yourself, you do not have to sign a travel waiver (This is different from previous years!)



Old bus information posted before the signup meeting:

Come to AdInk’s meeting Thursday, Nov. 2, 4:00, Meeting Room A or B.
AdInk devotes an entire meeting to helping you sign up for the event and secure your seat on the bus! Bring $30 cash or check (made out to AdInk) to the meeting, or be prepared to sign a specific Bearcat charge sheet  We are no longer able to accept Bearcat charges, but we will be accepting credit cards; credit card charges will total $32 due to processing fees. You’ll also be signing a travel waiver.
If you cannot attend the meeting, please download the travel waiver and send the signed waiver, along with your payment ($30 cash or check only) with a friend.  Please make every attempt to do this.  If there is no possible way for you to send payment and a signed waiver with a friend, then you must schedule a meeting with Jacquie Lamer, and you must bring the signed travel waiver and your payment with you. This will be a bigger hassle for you, so please try to send your payment and signed waiver with a friend.
Bring your laptop to this meeting if you want assistance registering with the AAF.