Getting There

AdInk is organizing a bus to get you to Spark KC!

(Please take the bus so that we have enough people on the bus to pay for the $780 expense.)

Bus fee: $35

How to secure a seat on the bus:

  • Come to AdInk’s Spark KC Bus Sign-Up Meeting: Thursday, Sept. 19, Union Meeting Room B.
          • Bring $35 cash or a check made out to AdInk.
          • We will have a travel waiver for you to sign.
      • Can’t make the Sign-Up Meeting: Then do this:
            1. Write on a piece of paper your name, 919 and s numbers;
            2. Print off the Travel Waiver for this trip (see the left side navigation area under “Spark KC”). Fill out all of the blanks on the form;
            3. Prepare a check for $35 made out to AdInk or prepare $35 in cash. (You cannot charge to Bearcat card.)
            4. Put all of these things into an envelope (even a hand-made envelope will do!).
            5. Do one of the following:* Bring the envelope to the AdInk meeting at 4:00, Thursday, Sept. 19, Meeting Room B, Union.
              * Bring the envelope to Jacquie Lamer, Wells Hall 234, before 2:00 Thursday, Sept. 19. You can also put the envelope under her door before this time. (Jacquie’s email is jplamer@.)
              * Bring the envelope to Marla McCrary, Mass Media Office Manager, Wells Hall 237, before noon on Thursday, Sept. 19.

        Arrive at the Wells Hall parking lot by 6:45 a.m. Friday, Sept. 27. (The bus departs at 7:00 a.m.)