A selective internship
at Springboard Creative
to re-brand a non-profit.

Apply HERE
before midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 17

Springboard Creative Owner and Bearcat Kevin Fullerton is looking for 3-5 Bearcats to form a virtual advertising design team working on a real, non-profit account during the Fall 2021 semester. You’ll meet twice at the agency’s Kansas City office.



Web Designer

Strategy/Social/Account Management

The fine print:
This is for current on-campus students only.
You must be enrolled in an internship course; expect it to be a 2-credit-hour internship.
You’ll be asked to visit Springboard Creative in Mission, KS, at least one time.
Please enroll in Jacquie Lamer’s 2-credit hour internship in Mass Media: 20-452 (section number and CRN not yet published).
If you need a department-specific internship, please work with your advisor to substitute this Mass Media internship for your department’s internship.

Questions: Ask Jacquie Lamer: jplamer@ or JacquieLamer.com/meet