Hobnob Networking, 2017

AdInk's Hobnob Networking

2017 — The first AdInk Hobnob!

Extravagant & Schmoozy Hobnob Networking at the Prez’s Crib

March 9, 2017, 4-6 p.m.


See photos here.



These details are here just for record-keeping. The 2019 Hobnob will be different.


Event explained:

This is a special, business-casual event that’s solely focused on current students meeting working graduates.

Why? Who knows… Maybe you’ll learn about a career you never knew existed. Maybe you’ll learn about an internship, or a job… For sure, you’ll meet a LOT of Bearcats who WANT TO HELP YOU!

So, plan to collect a lot of names and business cards. Plan to follow up with LinkedIn connections and thank-you emails and old-fashioned thank-you notes. Plan to meet one or two of these Bearcats in Kansas City or Omaha for coffee.

It’s networking at its greenest!

How to prepare:

  • Dress business casual.
  • Some sessions are outdoors, wear appropriate clothes for 65 degrees and windy. That means it will be chilly. Dress warm enough. If you’re showing a lot of skin, that’s inappropriate AND you’ll be cold.
  • You’ll be given a name tag with your year and major. It also will indicate your 1st session group number and whether or not you’ll be attending the dinner afterward (see below for more details).
  • See the schedule for specific session details, but know this: You’ll be going to 3 15-minute sessions that are pre-determined — you’ll have no choice. There will be 2 professionals and about 3-4 students in each session. These 3 sessions are followed by a 4th 35-minute session where you can go to any station you want to meet any professionals that you want to meet.
  • Plan ahead who you want to meet! Find them on LinkedIn and check out their company web sites.
  • Bring business cards or resumes if you want, but you really don’t have to, and it could just be a pain.
  • You’ll be given a small note pad and pen.
  • Professionals will give you business cards.
  • Arrive at the Gaunt House by 3:57 p.m.
  • Help clean up when the event is over.
  • Send thank-you emails and notes to as many guests as you can. Show your AdCat appreciation!


This schedule means that there are 3 15-minute sessions, followed by one 35-minute session. The first 3 sessions you must go to your assigned groups. The last session is free for you to meet with whomever you want.

4:00 4:10 Meet and greet
4:10 4:20 Introductions by pros, then go to 1st session
4:20 4:35 1st session
4:35 4:40 Move
4:40 4:55 2nd session
4:55 5:00 Move
5:00 5:15 3rd Session
5:15 5:20 Move
5:20 5:55 4th session — last session free for all
6:00 6:15 Help cleam up and say thank you
6:15 ? Those who signed up, meet at El Maguey*

*The ONLY students who are going to the dinner at El Maguey are those who signed up. If your name is not on this list, then you didn’t sign up. There is no space left in the reservation for more students. Of course, you can go to El Maguey, but the room we have reserved is full.

Students going to the dinner: B. Peters, B. Aceves, D. Kerr, G. Usera, I. Lacina, J. Breyfogle, K. McLaughlin, S. Laemmli, T. Nicholas

If you’re going to dinner — you will be paying your own way. Please bring money!


Who’ll be at the event?
 Professionals attending are:

Cameron Ramaekers Open Caret Owner/Web Developer/Web Designer
Logan Compton Consilium Interactive Search Engine Optimization/Conversion Optimization Specialist
Matt Meier SelectQuote Online Marketing Analyst
Cassie Swanson SelectQuote Marketing Communications Coordinator
Katie Frutiger Intouch Solutions Senior UX Strategist
Brooke Chonko The Sandbox Agency Director, Digital Influence
Kara Huen VML Content Administrator
Kyle Andrew Cerner Sr. Digital Analyst
Leslee Manley Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Manager, Marketing & Sales Services
Kelsey Chabot MMGY Global Social Media Manager
Luisa Fernandez OUTFRONT Media Marketing and Digital Strategist
Jessica Lampson MMGY Global Manager, Project Management Office
Pam Williams Rhycom Director, Media and Client Services


Students attending are:

Allie Sybert
Annastasia Tuttle
Brett Peters
Brian Aceves
Britney Bernstein
Carter Herrman
Christa Lovitt
Christopher Moody
Desi Kerr
Gabriella Usera
Ivory Lacina
Jessica Breyfogle
Kayla Hammer
Kyle McLaughlin
Kyriece DeVine
Lilly Tighe
Marciyanna Nielsen
Megan Powell
Nathan Meeker
Nathaniel Miller
Nick Calandra
Sara Vineyard
Sarah Laemmli
Shelby Simpson
Sydnee Arnold
Sydney Jones
Sydney Oetter
Trevor Nicholas
Yessenia Terrazas