How to Dress/Prepare

Here’s how to look and act like a professional:

  • Dress is business casual attire. So, many jeans are not appropriate; use your best judgement. Make sure your skirts aren’t too short and your top isn’t too low cut, and your heels aren’t too high!
  • Have a firm handshake and look people in the eye.
  • Smile and say “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “I appreciate what you said today.” “Thank you for your time.”
  • There will be a resume critique session. The format changes every year, but generally, plan on having the opportunity for at least one professional to review your resume. Bring at least 3 for this purpose. This session may also include a portfolio critique. Be prepared to carry your portfolio all day. If you plan to show a website, you can _probably_ count on wifi at the venue, but you’ll likely have to figure that out once you get there. Best to bring printouts of your work in a nice portfolio, if that’s possible.
  • There will also be a “career fair” so be sure to bring resumes to hand out to each of the businesses you meet —  for those of you looking for internships or jobs, have PLENTY of resumes! (30?)
  • Collect business cards and send thank-you notes after the event. This will make a BIG impression on those you continue to network with!