Tour Group Options

The 2019 tour includes visits to Intouch Solutions (see internship page here) and Thruline Marketing (see their Careers page here).

Every student will visit both agencies, so there is no need to choose your agency picks, as in past years.

The 2020 tour will return to the Midtown area.


Ignore all of the information past this point… it is “placeholder” content for the 2020 tour!

If, after the bus sign-up meeting, you need to check which group you are in, click here.

Morning Agencies —————————————————————————-

VML, (Careers, culture & philosophy, clients) [full-service agency, skews digital]

Trozzolo  (clients) [full-service agency]

emfluence (careers page) [digital/interactive agency: SEO, SEM, AdWords]

Sullivan Higdon & Sink   (client pageinternships) [full-service agency]


Lunch: Everyone goes! —————————————————————————-

Barkley    (clients,  internships) [full-service agency]


Afternoon Agencies/Media Company —————————————————————-

Glynn Devins (careers, internship)  [full-service agency]

KCTV 5 (careers, filter: Kansas, Fairway)

Bernstein-Rein  (client page, internships) [full-service agency]

MMGY  (client page, jobs) [full-service agency in travel industry]




Backup, not part of 2018 tour  —————————————————————-

The Sandbox Agency (clients, careers) [full-service, retail engagement]