Tour Group Options

This page has not yet been updated for the 2018 tour… stay tuned as we finalize details for this year’s tour!

If, after the bus sign-up meeting, you need to check which group you are in, click here.

Morning Agencies —————————————————————————-

VML, (Careers, culture & philosophy, clients) [full-service agency, skews digital]

Trozzolo  (clients) [full-service agency]

emfluence (careers page) [digital/interactive agency: SEO, SEM, AdWords]

Sullivan Higdon & Sink   (client pageinternships) [full-service agency]


Lunch: Everyone goes! —————————————————————————-

Barkley    (clients,  internships) [full-service agency]


Afternoon Agencies/Media Company —————————————————————-

Glynn Devins (careers, internship)  [full-service agency]

KCTV 5 (careers, filter: Kansas, Fairway)

Bernstein-Rein  (client page, internships) [full-service agency]

MMGY  (client page, jobs) [full-service agency in travel industry]




Backup, not part of 2018 tour  —————————————————————-

The Sandbox Agency (clients, careers) [full-service, retail engagement]