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Here’s some stuff AdInk has done… in the past!

Covid Fall 2020 — Mini Groups!

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For the Fall 2020 term, when Covid-19 was just beginning to spread across the United States, Northwest held in-person classes, but everything was scaled back. No clubs met in person, which meant AdInk had to break into smaller groups that could meet either in person or in Zoom.

We held one in-person, outdoor event at the beginning of the semester. That’s were we broke into our first of 3 mini-group sessions. Every three weeks we changed mini-groups, so that each AdCat could belong to more than one group.

Graduate AdCats joined the mini-groups by Zoom to meet current students and help them through this tough time.

We managed to make it through the entire semester having in-person classes at Northwest. There were many Covid cases, and many more disappointments, but we did it! We made it through a semester of college during a worldwide pandemic!

Angela Bode
Angela Bode — Senior Art Director, Rogers Townsend, St. Louis

Angela Bode visited Feb. 26, 2020.

She shared her story of graduating without the full creative portfolio she desired. Her first job was an internship, and she solicited advice from several art directors in New York City — a trip she took by herself just to meet the art directors. She helped us understand how much effort goes into building a strong creative and design portfolio.

Her work ethic is evident. Angela and a teammate won the 2019 Cannes Young Lions for the digital category for their work for Brave beginnings. See the complete winning entry here.

Angela Bode's Cannes Young Lion winning entry

NWMSU's AdCats at 2019 Spark KCAdCats Networked Big at Spark KC 2019!
See photos here.

Didn’t make it? Well… you’ll have a chance again in a year! 🙂

AdInk's Hobnob with Bobby BearcatAdInk's Hobnob Networking EventCheck out the photos from AdInk’s “Laid-Back and Schmoozy Hobnob Networking at the Pavilion” event, Fall term, 2019.

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Pop-Marketing guru (and 2002 IDM grad) Joe Cox explains why YOU should attend Friday’s Hobnob:

Congratulations 2019/2020AdInk Co-Presidents!

Caitlyn O’Connor and Kia Jones!

Lilly receives Seth’s very first Signal Theory business card!

Thank you Seth Gunderson , the Shatto Milk campaign mastermind, for an evening of milk, cookies, learning and networking! Fall 2019.

The sleet can’t stop Off Broadway!

AdCats made it to South KC for the 19th annual Off Broadway, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019.

The photos are online here!

THANK YOU Intouch Solutions & Thruline Marketing for all of the networking and job tips!

AdCats attended Match KC

Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, many AdCats carpooled to Kansas City to attend this annual speed-interviewing event. Each person interviewed for about a dozen different, real summer internships — big bang networking!

See photos here!

We rocked Spark KC 2017

It’s Thursday, #adcats. @nw_adink, assemble!

— its jake (@JakeTypo) October 1, 2015

2016-17 Academic Year Winners for Outstanding Student Organization at NWMSU.

Congratulations to all #AdCats — You have been named Outstanding Student Organization by NWMSU! 

If you went to any AdInk event this year, you helped make this happen — you’re part of a strong and impressive group of students — the best on campus!


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If you want to work in advertising (or marketing, graphic design, public relations, social media…), then you’ll need to stay plugged into the AAF-KC  — that is, the American Advertising Federation, Kansas City chapter. AdInk will help you do that. For starters, we’ll take a bus to AAF’s Career Day/”Spark KC” in the fall. For now, why not follow them on Twitter: @aafkc.

If you’re looking for an internship, on or off campus… If you need help making an online portfolio…  Check out this site, it’s made just for YOU!