Michelle’s coming to NW!!

Jayme Thomason and Michelle Harris from Brink Insights join AdInk Thursday, Oct. 13, 4-5 p.m., Meeting Room B

Remeber Michelle Harris from the KC Star during last year’s Off Broadway tour? She’s coming to visit us here on campus! Come to this energy-filled AdInk meeting!brinkinsights

You’ll meet the two masterminds behind Brink Insights, a real-world laboratory for exploring and testing web-based growth models for technology driven companies.

Jayme Thomason
Jayme Thomason

Jayme Thomason is the founder and Chief Marketing Scientist at Brink. She was previously the Digital Marketing Director at Salva O’Renick in Kansas City, and she’s a seasoned writer, content creator, digital strategist and entrepreneur.

Jayme’s Specialties: Customer experience design, customer experience marketing, digital strategy, content marketing, editorial planning, content strategy, content marketing planning, marketing technology consultant, business analysis


Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris is Director of Brand and Business Development at Brink. She’ll tell us all about her experiences in advertising & marketing, and how she’s using her knowledge to help businesses make good decisions at Brink.

You might have met Michelle if you were on last year’s Off Broadway tour — she was our high-energy leader at the KC Star!

Michelle’s Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Applied Innovation, Growth Hacking, Tech, Strategic Planning, Sales, Training/Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Goal Setting & Achieving, Relationship-Building & Keeping, Interpersonal Communication, Digital & Traditional Marketing, Branding, Advertising: Digital, Social, Newspapers, Magazines, PR, Critical Thinking, Organization Skills, Capable of Working in Diverse Environments, PC/Mac platforms, Photography.